Noalox Anti-Oxidant Review

Noalox Anti-Oxidant review, from

I wanted something to help lubricate my N-Type adaptors, lightning arrestors and cables on the Wi-Fi devices I installed. Plus something to help with oxidation that always seems to form on cable connectors. ( even when I do my best to water-proof them )

So I took a trip to the local electrical supply shop. I ran into this great stuff called Noalox Anti-Oxidant by Ideal Industries INC ( ). It’s not only a great Anti-Oxidant but makes for a wonderful thread lubricant and is very conductive.

I highly recommend using some type of Anti-Oxidant and tread lubricant on N-Type connectors. ( or any connector that’s used outdoors ) After a year or two they can rust, get seized up, lose conductivity and that just makes for loss of signal strength in the end. Plus, it just makes installing and removing cables a breeze. Not only do they go on nice and easy, thus making it far less likely you will cross-thread your high-end cables. But makes removing the connections, cables and adaptors nice and easy.

So anyhow if your going to spend money on high-end LMR-400 low loss cables, why not protect them with at least something.

Some of its features are of Noalox Anti-Oxidant

  • Improves efficiency and service life of aluminum electrical applications
  • Suspended zinc particles penetrate and cut aluminum oxide
  • For use with pressure-type wire connectors including screw-on, tap, service entrance and split-bolt
  • Reduces galling and seizing on aluminum conduit joints to promote good ground continuity

If anyone know of a better lube and anti-oxidant on the market, let me know in the comments.

I just needed a little 1/2 Oz tube for my small setup, but they selling it in larger sizes, here is a link to a 8oz bottle, this should last your average person a lifetime.

Here is a screenshot of the 1/2 Noalox Anti-Oxidant I picked up for $4.95 still in the box.

Noalox Anti-Oxidant Review

IDEAL Noalox Anti-Oxidant still in the Box Picture

Here is a screenshot of the 1/2 Noalox Anti-Oxidant I picked up out of the box ( but used ) I was in a hurry to get my new TP-Link Directional antennas installed ASAP.

Noalox Anti-Oxidant Review

IDEAL Noalox Anti-Oxidant out of the Box Picture(1/2oz Tube)

Well there you go, regardless of what type of Anti-Oxidant or thread lube you use. I do recommend you use something if it’s going outside.

I plan on doing a blog on the setup I ended up using for my Wi-Fi Access point to client bridge setup. ( granted I ended up using a WDS link, more on this in some other blog ) This setup turned out quite reliable and can carry a Wi-Fi signal for miles.

Hope you enjoyed this review,

MajSlayer aka Sméagol