Editing your free personal profile for other users to view in our chat rooms.

Editing your free personal profile for other users to view in our cams in our chat rooms, this is a simple task. Just follow this simple guide and you’ll find it doesn’t take long to set up your profile so other users will know something about you, without having to ask.

Click on your user name in our cam chat on the right. A menu, displayed in cam chat, as seen in the picture below, it will open up in a new window. This is where you will edit your user profile. click-on-the-profile-menu-chat-rooms This will open up your profile for your user account.

You must register to use this webcam chat feature. Simple click on the edit button next to where it says USERNAME:. This will allow you to adjust your profile others see, you can also upload animated .Gif images! How to edit your free cam chat profile. –   camchat-profile-editing-image-free

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From this menu you can adjust your free cam chat profile, you can list your real name (granted we don’t recommend this use a “nick” or “nickname / handle / alias” in your chat room profile. You may also set your password for the chat login screen from here, please consider changing it from time to time, and don’t use a common / simple password. Add some random numbers to it and some shift + other buttons (i.e. special characters), also the longer the password the safer it is. Under the Email field will be the email you used to register when you logged in. It can be edited if you switch email accounts.

Age : Here you can adjust the age you’d like listed in our chat rooms.

Gender : Please select your gender using the drop down arrow on the right. Photo : Here you can upload a photo, the photo you upload in chat must be in .jpg format or animated .gif file. (The largest file size is four megabytes).

Location : Please do not use your street address here, keep your place of residence private, general area is recommend. Hobbies : Please list a few hobbies you enjoy so others users known a little something about you.

About me : Here is where you list about yourself:)

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