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Free chat rooms with webcam resolution for up to 720p!

To access out chat rooms with your mobile device. Set IRC chat applications to our URLs subdomain. (“irc.” vs “www.”)

To find a mobile chat room application for IRC, we suggest the link below.

Comparison of mobile apps for internet relay chat (Wiki link)


View as many cams at once, and be in as many chat rooms at you like! The positioning and sizing of video streams are adjustable and movable.

 Please keep in mind using headphones or will eliminate feedback problems you may encounter.

WiKi page on feedback and why it occurs.

adjusting your cam settings

Register your nickname in IRC

You must register your name for your webcam chat room to become an administrator. 

After you have set a password for your chat name, You must refresh the webcam chat page and log in with your new password. (Secures your name)

Click to create IRC channel

All IRC chat room names must start with a “#” character, like our default #lounge channel.

You can now type “/join #YourRoomNameHere” without the quotes.

Now you can select the “Register Channel” icon.

This will give you full control of your webcam chat room.

register your irc room name

Use the “Channel Central” icon to adjust your webcam chat room settings. Set a password if you want a private password room. You can even set it to “Private” so it won’t show up on the chat channel listings. (very secure video conferencing)


You will also notice a “@” sign after the name you have registered in chat.

To activate your webcam and audio, it’s best to use the main menu icon above where you type in chat messages.

When someone has their cam on you will see a icon next to their name in the current chat room you’re in. Click on this icon to view their webcam.

adjust camera setting icon

You can start a private message, with other users in chat by double clicking on their name.

When transfer files in chat use antivirus software. Programs such as Avast antivirus or AVG free editions work well. (Avast recently released an update to for Windows 10 compatibility!)

Check out : www.avast.com (great antivirus software and it’s free!)

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