Free webcam chat rooms with HD cam resolution up to 720p!

Free Webcam Chat HD 720p

NOTE : By default your camera settings are low! Click the “Webcam” icon you see in the main menu you used to create you room. This will allow you to adjust your cam up to 720p at 20 fps and adjust other important settings. (three tabs worth!)

Adjust your webcam setting with this icon in the main menu. The main menu icon is in the lower left corner.

adjusting your cam resolution

Register your nickname on our chat server

You must register your nickname name to become an administrator of your own webcam chat room. After you have set a password for your chat nickname you can register a free webcam chat room by clicking on the join a channel button. You must refresh the chat page and login with your new password.

Click to create a IRC channel

All IRC channel names must start with a “#” character, like our default #lounge channel.

Now that you have registered you nick name for chat,  you can select the “Register Channel” icon.

This will make you an administrator for your channel.

how to register your irc user name

Use the “Channel Central” icon to adjust your free webcam chat room settings. Set a password if you want a private password room. You can even set it to “Private” so it won’t show up on the channel listings. (i.e. very secure video conferencing.


You will also notice a “@” sign after the nickname you have registered, this tells you who has administration rights to the channel and control it.

To activate your webcam and audio, use the pulldown menus in the upper right hand corner of the screen. There is a Select Camera and a Select Audio option. There are more options for you webcam settings in the main menu.

select your cam and audio setting

To view yourself or other webcams, when someone has their cam activated, you will see a webcam icon next to their nickname in chat. Left click on the webcam icon and you’ll connect up. A microphone icon displays if the user is only broadcasting an audio stream.

how to view a video or audio stream

Keep in mind the view size and audio levels are adjustable. Hover your mouse over the webcam view window and you will see two icons on the bottom. The one on the left is a volume slider. To the right you will see some dotted lines, left click and hold the single dot to increase the window. You can also rearrange the streaming video output like any other window, by left click and drag.

You can start private message, with other users in chat simply by double clicking on their nickname in chat.

change your IRC channel or PM

You can hop from room to room, or from a PM back to a room, simply by clicking on the icons on the left.

NOTE : You can also right mouse click on a user name for more options. (kick a chat user / ban / whois / ignore and more!)